Focusing for the Future


We understand the contradictions and pressures that govern the medical industry and have designed a complete automation and value-added software solution to fit your organisation. Our open architecture enables every patient touch-point as well as back-office processes to be seamlessly integrated, which means that, functions like Help Desk, Room Management, Labs, Finance, HR, Marketing, Stores, Delivery, Housekeeping, Inventory and Service are streamlined into one state-of-the art platform. With 100% accuracy. And all this in a cost-effective solution.

Our system is based on a robust technology to give your business:

  •    Improved Bottomline: Through enhanced monitoring of finances, fewer resources deployed and better inventory management.
  •    Easy Scalability: Our solutions are flexible and can be applicable to SMEs as well as large enterprises. Therefore your business can be scalable and the solution accommodates this smoothly.
  •    Seamless Integration: All modules are interlinked; therefore, overlapping modules between departments are automatically updated. This ensures that your business functions seamlessly, without error.
  •    Complete security: Our solution is designed to create a totally secure environment, where access to information by various departments can be controlled.
  •    Enhanced performance: With a fully automated system, reminders and a comprehensive database


Rapid access to critical information to decrease exam-to-diagnosis time. This is especially useful in emergency and operating rooms. Elimination of film, handling and storage costs.image Images can be easily shared between reading radiologists, other physicians and medical records.

Images can be archived at secure locations using database servers manages the transfer, retrieval and storage of images and relevant information; the archive provides permanent image storage. Radiologists can access soft-copy images instantly after acquisition to expedite diagnosis and reporting at the almost any available workstation.

Web servers can be used to most cost-effectively share images with other departments, even referring physicians across town. They can access the images using the Internet or the local intranet.

Most PACSs handle images from various medical imaging instruments, including ultrasound (US), magnetic resonance (MR), positron emission tomography (PET), computed tomography (CT), endoscopy (ES), mammograms (MG), digital radiography (DR), computed radiography (CR) ophthalmology, etc.


This product is targetted for Diagnostic and Scan Centers. It handles Registration, Billing, Sample Collection, Barcode Generation, Interfacing with Analysers, Image Capturing, Report Entry, Report Authorisation, etc. This also handles Purchase Order processing, Inventory of the Reagents and other materials. Supports a wide range of MIS reports.

In a laboratory environment where time and accuracy are essential, we help clients by automatic interfacing with the analyser.
Types of Interfacing:

  •    Uni–directional: The Sample No. and tests to be performed are keyed in manually. The analysing is done by the analyser and the output is transmitted automatically to SLIMS.
  •    Bi-directional: We offer bi-directional interfacing in an environment that is completely barcode enabled. Our software helps the scanner read the barcode on the sample, selects the test to be done for the sample, decodes the results and transfers them to the system. The system can also calculate the amount of time needed for the test, before the results can be obtained. The results are formatted into reports to be given to the patients.