Who We Are

Industry leading provider of Technology & Services to the healthcare industry.

Why Choose Us

Sukraa Software Solution Private Limited,India based software development company has grown rapidly and today covers software development across industry and technology spectrums.

Sukraa provides high performance client / server and web-based business application for Banks, Hotels, Manufacturing Units, Hospital, Scan & Diagnostics Centers and Employee Societies.

We are committed to developing cost-effective, integrated business applications for organizations of all sizes around the globe. Sukraa always gives Software Solutions to any company or individual to achive 100% results in all areas in which they are aiming for.

Why We Are

To be one of the most competent and reliable India – based Information Technology companies through our commitment to excellence and timely performance.

What We Do

SUKRAA Software Solution, with its technical and managerial expertise and available resources, has provided services in the major technical areas.

Leading the Change

For an International hospital, Sukraa came up with an ingenious idea of measuring patient movement between different departments and designed a patient movement Turnaround time (TAT) report. The reporting was an eye opener for the senior management of the hospital as they realized that some of their customers experienced a long waiting time for completion of services in each department.

Customized apps to ease out different department operations

Sukraa has recently launched different more applications for patients, consultants a management with the aim to provide report and various alerts for instant information a decision. This application will be rolled out an International hospital, which is expected to substantially reduce the discharge for patients by making the discharge report readily available for doctor’s instant and an approval.